Signing up is easy!

We try to keep signups as simple as possible and to keep it easy you have 3 choices.

1. Sign up over the phone by calling the Shawnee Civic Centre and telling them which program you are interested in. The number is (913) 631-5200

2. Sign up on line by going to the link The link will take you to the Shawnee Civic Centre's on-line brochure. If this is your first time you will have to set up a user account. Once your account is set up choose "all types" under the type of activity list and put tkd or taekwon-do in the key word search bar and you should get a listing of all of our classes. Choose the class you are interested in and follow the prompts from there.

3. Sign up by coming into the Civic Centre and talking with the front desk and they will sign you up on the spot.

If you ever have any difficulty with enrolling in classes please call the Shawnee Civic Centre (913) 631-5200. They are very good and taking care of you.