Classes for children 6 to 10 years old

Jr. Promotion

Our Jr. TaeKwon-Do program is designed to teach 6-10 year old students. It is a more structured traditional style class with a modified TaeKwon-Do curriculum suited to this age group. The curriculum is different from the Traditional TaeKwon-Do program but the students do have the opportunity to promote and make advancements all the way to the rank of Jr. Black Belt. All Jr. TaeKwon-Do students are required to obtain a TaeKwon-Do uniform that meets National TaeKwon-Do specifications. This program provides an excellent foundation for the Traditional TaeKwon-Do program. 

An important note is that students that make the transition from this program to the Adult Taekwon-Do program will begin the Adult TaeKwon-Do program at the rank of white belt. Much as a student that graduates from high school as a senior will enter college as a freshman. Students that achieve the rank of Jr. Black Belt will wear a different belt indicating they have achieved a Jr. Black Belt rank. Any student that starts the Jr. TaeKwon-Do program and desires to obtain the rank of Jr. Black Belt will be allowed to continue in the Jr. program until the desired rank is achieved regardless of age.

The Jr. TaeKwon-Do program emphasizes the tenets and the oath as well as encourages students to recognize the difference they make in the world each and every day. This program will help students learn the basics of TaeKwon-Do and how to show respect. They also improve strength, fitness, agility, flexibility, leadership, and confidence.