This program is for families and students of all ages who are
mature enough to adhere to
a strict class structure
and to do some training and practicing on their own

Jr. TaeKwon-Do

Our Traditional TaeKwon-Do program is designed for Adults and youth with the maturity to follow the class structure and the ability to practice independently. This class teaches the Chan Hun patterns which are Chon-Ji through Tong-Il. It is structured to allow for individualized strengths and weaknesses. In this program you will learn TaeKwon-Do as well as improve your fitness, flexibility, agility, and confidence. There are also plenty of opportunities to improve leadership skills for those students who are interested. It is a great place to have fun and train with new and old friends. Families  find it fun to train together. The Traditional TaeKwon-Do program emphasizes the tenets and the oath and encourages students to recognize the impact they have on our world.